Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Wreaths Across America

This page is dedicated to the Men & Women who have given their all for America through Military Service. 
Most of the documentation and photos on this page are self explanatory. Wreaths Across America is dedicated to placing a Christmas Wreath at the burial site of every known deceased Veteran wherever they may be buried.  It has expanded in the seventh year of it's existence to more than 300 locations.  Here in Alabama they are located a several sites with the Alabama National Cemetery at Montevallo being one of them.
On Thursday December 15 along with about 75 other volunteers we download 4338 wreaths from a CAL-ARK tractor trailer. This is the last box of wreaths downloaded.
The estimate on the number of family members and volunteers at this years tribute at ALNC, Montevallo was more than 3000.  Not all those in attendance can be seen in these photos.  
There are currently 4325 Veterans buried at the ALNC at Montevallo. This is the first section of the cemetery to open and it will hold 12,000 burial sites.  The Cemetery was completed in 2009 and comprises 479 acres.  Once filled to capacity it will hold over 200,000 veterans.  It was a distinct honor to have participated in these ceremonies on December 12 2015.