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Prayer List: Please submit your Prayer Requests to buckcoe@charter.net.. Phillip Penny; Woodie Sanford; Richard & Martha Reaves; Judy Brownlow & Family; Jack Nix; Beverly Abbott; Bro Eddie Bolen & Family; Michael Coe; Shepherds Ministry; Frankie Anderson; Granade Family; Ronnie & Olga Tanner; Martha Capps; Our Leaders;  Our Country Lyen Tanner; Sylvia Hobbs; Beasley family; Donna Foster; Melissa & Melody Anderson; Glenda Frye & family; Coley Ware; Teresa & Otis Elkins; Dalwayne Caradine; Stone Family; Hank & Shelly Henry; Phyllis Seale; Raymond Muncher & family; Rachael Parker; Thomas Bolen; Mack & Merle Marsh; Mark Friel; Sue Barber; Charles & Jeanne Hyde, Teri Anderson; School Children, Teachers, Administrators, Support Workers & Parents; Lisa, Cheyenne and Cheyenne’s friend and family; Tom Durbin; Norman Parks family; Garrison Sevolt; Jeff Blackwelder; Lauren Mize and family; Edna Wright; Wayne Granade family;  Don Redmond family; Charlotte Whittaker family; Tom & Carolyn Smith; David Kilgore family; Greg Davis;

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